Salesforce Skills as a Pardot Administrator

Running your marketing initiatives as a Pardot administrator is a very important role, but with advancements to Salesforce marketing offerings and technology, it is increasingly important to have a well-rounded knowledge-base of your true marketing potential.  There are situations where a Pardot administrator may have little to no access to Salesforce. This is not idealContinue reading “Salesforce Skills as a Pardot Administrator”

Do you still have Pardot-only users?

Do you still have Pardot-only users in your Pardot org? On June 15, 2020, Salesforce announced that by the beginning of its Spring 2021 release, all Pardot users will be required to use single sign-on (SSO) with Salesforce. Pardot users will begin seeing a notification banner within their Pardot account sharing this change information. PardotContinue reading “Do you still have Pardot-only users?”